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Media Training

Clarity has worked with WA’s key private and public sector executives, preparing them for critical presentations, media conferences, interviews and speeches. We combine our unique skills to create a wholistic approach to personal communications style. 

Clarity has a dedicated media training facility at its offices in Subiaco which enables us to provide a high level of realistic media training to executives. Our ‘green screen’ studio allows us to give realistic training and practice to people in simulated studio conditions in front of cameras in a variety of formats including news, current affairs and magazine style interviews.



Clarity has been delivering media training to executives in Western Australia for nearly 20 years. Many of those clients come to the business with a specific issue or crisis and are being pressured to front the media and explain their side of the story. This gives us a unique perspective on media training. Rather than training for training’s sake, our approach is to understand the full issue in context to advise and guide clients on the best way to handle the media.

Handling the media is more than facing a camera and giving out key messages. It is about timing, presentation and even body language. People judge the whole package, not just the words.

For our full-day session, three professionals work hand-in-hand to provide a comprehensive service. Former journalist, Anthony Hasluck provides technical advice on tackling the media, the media environment and crafting key messages. Kellie Hasluck gives advice on presentation skills, building confidence and delivering effective responses. Body Language specialist, Sophie Halliday-Zadeh unlocks the secrets that your face, hands and body can give away.

Our half day session focusses purely on media skills. Both give the participants an opportunity to practice their skills in front of the group and receive feedback.


We offer a private setting for your executives to feel comfortable. Our spacious training centre with access to private restrooms and kitchen make an ideal space for the training session. Adjacent to this is the media training centre that has lighting, cameras, green screen and playback facilities.

To create a truly realistic experience, we can call on our team of communications specialists to role-play the media pack. We recommend 4 people in a group to ensure maximum effectiveness, particularly during the live role playing piece.

Our flexible approach means you can create a media training module to reflect your needs.


Training modules include:

1. Media training 

  • Why reputations matter – professional and personal
  • Overview of media industry in WA 
  • How the media has changed
  • How the media works
  • What the media are looking for
  • Role of a spokesperson 
  • Social Media – how it drives media during crises. 
  • Key messages, bridges and blocks 


2. Body language and presentation basics 

  • Basic body language behaviours that can convey or undermine your credibility
  • Creating body language that supports your message
  • Controlling nerves


3. Practical session 

  • How to speak on camera and on radio
  • How to deflect questions you don’t want to answer and keep on message
  • Building your messages in an authentic way
  • Addressing the media in a crisis (your role and the support of the Media/PR team)
  • Interview opportunities with playback of vision
  • Analysis and tips for improvement