2018 Perspectives. Is this a year of growth?


With WA’s economy in the doldrums for the last two years, we are all hoping for a stronger start to 2018. For us the back-end of 2017 certainly was cause for optimism. Clients were keen to move on projects that had been dormant for months and there was a renewed energy about decision-making that is rare for that time of the year.

All signs would point to a strong 2018.

Last year we undertook some research with some key industry decision-makers – both clients and non-clients. 

I thought I’d share some broad themes that came through to us in the research, which you might like to reflect on for 2018. 

  • There is increasing audience and media fragmentation so achieving cut-through is challenging. Using multi-channel strategies with tailored messages for each audience is essential.
  • Being ahead of the curve for social media is critical. Expert advice on data analytics, automation, and listening will be in demand in 2018. Focusing on the whole strategy not just individual elements is vital.
  • Facebook is being the touted as the territory where issues management will play out. Do senior managers have the skills and understanding to deal with this?
  • Budget allocation needs to be completely re-thought to ensure enough is being invested in technology and social. Video, mobile technology, automation and big data are continuing to be new areas of investment.
  • The written word is being replaced by video and images. Creating a cost-effective impact in under a minute will be critical.
  • As the economy picks up, keeping staff happy and on mission will be the number one criteria for CEOs. Internal communications will be in the spotlight. Reaching people with engaging content via relevant technology platforms needs to be a carefully thought through part of every organisation’s strategy.

It was useful to have these themes emphasised as they confirm what we are hearing and finding in our daily work.

While many of our respondents saw Clarity as predominantly a PR and branding company, it’s worth noting that more than half our work now involves specialist social media and digital activities, and the foundation for many of our communications strategies are now in these areas.

Our four new appointments bring with them international perspectives and a wide range of industry experience, so we look forward to incorporating their valuable skills into our mix.

The research will also guide our business strategy going forward, so watch this space. We aim to have some big announcements to share with you.