The Clarity rebrand

Clarity Rebrand.jpg

When a branding agency undertakes its own rebrand there tends to be a lot of questions?

  • Why did you rebrand?
  • Was it necessary?
  • How often do you rebrand?
  • Should I be rebranding?

There’s no easy answer, primarily because organisations are constantly evolving, usually to reflect changes in their market or society.

It’s why brands must be considered ‘living things’ – never fixed and always adapting to changing circumstances

As every business grows its brand changes and represents something different than it did in the beginning.

The world is changing quickly and simplicity and clarity in communication has never been more needed. Technology is also fundamentally changing how people communicate.

Our business has become more complex and sophisticated in the services we offer clients, partly because their needs have become more complex and sophisticated.

So in a complex world we truly believe that the ability to deliver clarity and simplicity is an increasingly valuable skill.

Our name already reflects this strength, so we wanted our rebrand to convey the concept as well.

We followed the same brand discovery process that we use with our clients to articulate:

To make sure we followed our client processes we also gave ourselves a full brief.

The brief to ourselves

Create a revitalised visual style that moves from:

  • complexity to simplicity
  • formal to informal
  • light to bold

Redesign the logo with an increased emphasis on the word clarity via:

  • stronger and bolder typography
  • move towards single use of colour
  • more versatile, less complex
  • break the formal relationship between name and mark

Design all the digital, print and signage assets required to implement the brand.

In particular we needed to design and develop a new mobile responsive website that reflects the sophistication and versatility of the work being undertaken at Clarity today and the individuals who form our team.

Our solution

Clarity’s new brand delivers on our brief and the best way is to see the new and the old side by side.

We think our new brand is:

  • Simple elegant strong
  • Rich engaging website interface
  • Typography designed for legibility and engagement

Change can be uncomfortable and we were no exception. Even specialists in this area like our team can have a hard time finding the right result.

By sticking to our brief, adhering to our process and keeping a firm eye on the goal, we emerged from the creative process with a brand style that will last… long as is needed until our company and the world around us evolves again.