Six tips that will make you a LinkedIn megastar


LinkedIn, whether you love it or loathe it is here to stay. It has more than 4 million Australians on the social network and accounts for 80 per cent of business professionals nationally. No other conference you attend in the world gives you this level of access.

And if you think of LinkedIn as just a place to post your resume and make contacts, you might be in for a big surprise. LinkedIn is now set to become the most relevant business newspaper on the market today.

As with many other social networks the commercial strategy of LinkedIn is subject to people actually spending time on the site. When you think about it, if it were simply a resume and job board it would have limited commercial potential. To this end the company has been positioning itself as a content platform for some years now.

Take a look at “LinkedIn Today” or their new mobile app offering LinkedIn Pulse, this turns the home page into a personalised news feed based on your preferences and content shared by your own network.

The stories are mostly drawn from the publication pages of content partners, such as Business Review Weekly and more than 200 opinion leaders selected from around the world offering original content such as entrepreneur Richard Branson. 

So we're offering you some tips to make sure you're well equipped to take advantage of LinkedIn with some valauble advice about building your personal brand in the most effective way possible:

  1. Don't annoy people:When you're updating your LinkedIn profile, it will annoy people if they're alerted to every little change in your bio. Use the privacy setting to turn off activity broadcasts and if you really want people to know write a status update using your own personality. 
  2. Use Endorsements to your advantage: Ask your contacts to endorse you for your top skills only. This aids in LinkedIn search and people finding and connecting with you. If you are endorsed for skills that you don't want to be contacted for it will just increase the amount of spammy messages you receive.
  3. Write status updates regularly:  Like Facebook you can tell your network what you are up to. And no, we don't want to know about your breakfast cereal or your views on Miley Cyrus. On LinkedIn the business world is time poor - so add content at an intellectual level. Share articles of interest, add your blog updates, embed whitepapers and ask for opinions. Remember your name is your own personal brand and you hold all the editorial power, so be fussy. 
  4. Don't listen to LinkedIn: Ignore the advice from LinkedIn to only accept connection requests from people you know. As the search algorithm favours people who you know - the aim is to increase your reach so you come up in other people's searches as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connection. For example if a user searches for an accountant and they know you indirectly through another connection it makes sense you will rank the highest for that search. The end result - they will be more likely to connect with you and use your services.
  5. Be personal: Your profile is not just a resume. Have a conversation with someone, inject your own personality and talk as you would in a casual conversation. No one likes to talk to a robot.
  6. Be a groupie: Join a number of different LinkedIn groups - but make sure they are relevant to your brand. Add your own point of view as it relates to your area of expertise. You'll be amazed who you meet and the business connections you make.

LinkedIn has also announced that they will offer their influencer post tool (effectively a bloglike stats update) to all members. This will mean that by using the LinkedIn platform anyone can have a personal blog embedded in LinkedIn. 

Good luck with your time on LinkedIn - join the revolution! 

Written by Andrew Mathwin.