Is Business Development in the “Too Hard” Basket?


My seven year old son tells me he’s a bad speller. It’s a pretty big label for one so young. And the problem is, it’s not true. He learns his words, he practices everyday but when he gets to class he's made to listen to four different word lists being read out to the class at one time.

He’s distracted. He’s confused. He’s given up. He’s decided he’s a Bad Speller.

Hasn’t this happened to all of us at some time? We have good intentions but with so many distractions in the workplace it’s hard to get clear air for things that we rate as ‘too hard’.

Business Development is often people’s Achilles heal. It’s hard to get your head around it when you rocket from one crisis to another. And if you don’t get the space to think clearly, it gets put in the ‘too hard basket’.

Business Development has to be a top priority these days. Service professionals, such as engineers, lawyers and accountants can no longer just be technically proficient. They need to demonstrate an understanding of where their pipeline of work is coming from and how they’re going to convert it.

Industry research shows that only 20 percent of BD programs are effective. Why? Because we don’t take the time to coach people through the process. We leave them to sink or swim.  And let’s face it, with all those distractions at work, it’s very easy to let it slide.

Research in this area is demonstrating time and time again that using a coaching model to support a new BD program will not only increase your rate of success, it will turn BD Haters into BD Lovers. (Ok, not Lovers but as close as you’ll get!)

Coaching works by:

  • Eliminating distractions
  • Goal setting
  • Addressing mindset blocks – the labels you’ve put on yourself that aren’t necessarily true
  • Focusing on personal drivers
  • Creating a forum practicing the “story”
  • Keeping you accountable
  • Sharing successes

Before embarking on your new BD program for 2014, why not destroy the distractions and consider the benefit that coaching can make to its success.